Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson turned up in London a few days ago and since this is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee week, the Daily Mail came through with their usual foolishness with a report that Kim was begging Buckingham Palace to attend the Jubilee party but was rejected. According to their sources, Kim was so desperate for any tickets, she would have settled for “non-VIP”. LOL, as if. 


As you know, I’m not in the business of defending Kardashians, but this is absurd. Does Kim K love attention? Of course. Does that mean she’s so thirsty to be around British royals to the point where she’s willing to sit in the bleachers just to be able to say she was at the Jub? Please. 

Page Six is now debunking those claims. A Kardashian rep says that Kim never asked for tickets and returned to LA on Wednesday before the Jub weekend even started for a “pre-planned cover shoot”. What would Kim K rather? Sit through the Jub concert in London or pose for the cover of a magazine? 

Again, it’s not that I’m not here for sh-t talking Kardashians but at least make it make sense. What the Daily Mail has done here is amateur hour because they’ve failed on the bare basics of understanding how a Kardashian works which is… what’s in it for them? And what has value to them? 


What does Kim have to gain from going to the Jub concert with a whole bunch of other celebrities when the Queen won’t even be there and nobody gets to spend any actual face time with royals? If anything, the only thing Kim would want from a royal is a selfie with Harry and Meghan and if that’s not happening, she’s not “pleading” with officials to get tickets to a goddamn concert, ffs. 

So to go back to value, it’s about how Kim measures value. What she considers valuable. Kim has 315 million followers on Instagram, more than the all the royal Instagram account followers combined. For her, and many others, that’s cultural relevance, cultural value. That might not mean anything to the royal family (so they claim) but it means the most to Kim. And she’s not stupid – she KNOWS that on those metrics, she far exceeds the monarchy. 


Which means this story was never really about what Kim has to gain but about what the Daily Mail thinks the royals have to gain. And that’s probably the motivation – to prove (through a lie) that the British monarchy is so special it can inspire this kind of thirst from Kim Kardashian herself. Really though? It’s kind of the opposite. We are at the point on the timeline where the tabloids have to leverage Kim Kardashian’s name to make the BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY seem relevant. 

For shame!

I mean it’s a good look for Kim, to be used this way, and adds to her cultural power, but it’s a bad look for the royals…courtesy their tabloid fan club, the Daily Mail. With whom they have that “invisible contract”. Seriously, royals, why are you in a contract with a media outlet that is trading on Kim Kardashian’s notoriety to make people care about you?