F-cking amazing tuxedo here on Daisy Ridley. It’s an impeccable fit. I have nothing more to say about it because it speaks all the words for itself. 

The hair though…

The perm has been having a moment. Emma Stone permed her hair. Olivia Munn recently got a perm. Vogue posted about it in February – that the perm is making a comeback. I have no issues with this, provided it’s done well. I don’t know that this is a perm on Daisy; it probably isn’t. Which is good. Because it’s a terrible hairstyle. And it’s kinda… amateur hour? 

Because I hate when hair is curled in a way that leaves an inch of straightness at the root. Right? 

This is a common mistake. And if it happens to you, you should not let a stylist get away with it. It’s possible to get closer to the scalp and start the curl earlier. And if they say it’s not possible then tell them to move the part. And if they still can’t do it, then don’t ask them to do it at all. Same goes if you’re worried about burning your scalp. Because no one should have to settle for the inch of straightness.