Dakota Johnson and Chris Evans continue work on Celine Song’s Materialists in New York, and I am highlighting these set photos mainly because it’s funny to me that every time Dakota pops up on set, someone asks Maria to source her wardrobe, including in today's As Seen On Social Media post. She’s had great style around this movie!


But this time, Dakota is wearing a robe. A very soft-looking robe that looks super cozy and the perfect weight for summertime lounging, but a robe, nonetheless. Still, you can peep an ivory satin skirt under there, so I will bet anything she’s covering up a bridal look. This is a film about a matchmaker and a love triangle, after all, and that combined with Chris in a suit and the photo description placing these photos outside a “clerk’s office” spells wedding dress. Anyway, Maria, any leads on cozy lightweight summer robes?