Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin – how long has it been? Almost a year, right? I think I remember it was first reported last October. Anyway, they’re still happening and they even got matching tattoos which means it’s forever. Or “infinity”. Just like all the other celebrities who’ve been love-inked. (Dlisted) 

US Weekly says that Justin Bieber wants to move back to Canada when he and Hailey Baldwin get married which… I don’t know if buy this. I don’t know if I buy that he’ll come here and, like, make it through an entire winter. I don’t want to add to the exaggeration of what a Canadian winter feels like because where JB’s from, the winters are the same as New York and Boston. Sometimes not even as bad. What I’m trying to say, though, is that he’s not spending an entire cold winter anywhere, whether it’s Canada or anywhere else. (Cele|bitchy) 

Well look at you, Henry Golding. Prime position front row at the Tom Ford show yesterday. Look who he’s sandwiched between. That’s major real estate. And it would have been a joint Tom and Anna Wintour decision. Tom has been dressing Henry for weeks during the Crazy Rich Asians press tour but I can’t imagine he wouldn’t have given Anna a heads-up about who he was putting next to her. (Go Fug Yourself)  
Before the start of festival season, kicking off with Venice, I remember reading all these articles about how Venice has become THE festival for prestige films and establishing Oscar contenders. Maybe I’m sounding like a bit of a homer since I’m Canadian and based in Toronto but, well, some of the headlines coming out of Venice are pretty embarrassing. That’s not to say that Toronto is perfect. And that’s not to say that Toronto, which kicks off right now, is going to be infallible. But I’m confident that no one associated with TIFF is going to be all like, pfffff, why do we need more women?” (Pajiba) 

Do you buy into that theory that dogs look like their people or that people look like their dogs? Do I look like a beagle? I think I look like my OG beagle, Marcus, who had a prick face to match my bitch face. Other dogs though, I’m not sure. Except…what I have noticed, in my experience, that people who have English bulldogs? Always look like their bulldogs! (OMG Blog) 

I couldn’t wait to watch this video: it’s Tracee Ellis Ross narrating her outfits, breaking down some of her most memorable looks. (Vanity Fair)