Ummm… is anyone else totally into this “new hot hookup”? It’s Christie Brinkley and Michael Avenatti. Who? Maybe you don’t recognise the name but I know you know his face because his face is everywhere – he’s Stormy Daniels’s lawyer. The one who makes for GREAT TV. When Michael Avenatti shows up for an interview somewhere it almost seems like he came out of a casting call: “brash hot shot lawyer with no f-cks to give and a total famewhore”. And now he’s being linked to a supermodel! (Dlisted) 

It must be hookup week for celebrities because all kinds of celebrities are hooking up all over the place – from supermodels and lawyer archetypes to young actors in Cannes. Timothee Chalamet was apparently making out with someone at a party the other night. She’s blonde and young and they were all over each other high school styles. Which… I can imagine, having been to Cannes several times, for whatever reason, maybe it’s the excess Euro cheese feel of the place but, seriously, people are always extra passionate when they’re over there, famous or not. Still no word on the identity of whoever it was that Timmy was macking on (do the kids still say “macking on”?) but I’m going to assume she’s French and that they speak to each other in French because it only makes it that much hotter. (Jezebel)

Our site manager, Emily, sent this over to me – a photo of Dakota Johnson in Suspiria – and noted that she looks like Lindsay Lohan here and…totally. She totally looks like Lindsay Lohan. It’s not just the long red hair either. It’s the hairline and it’s the shape of the face. Right? (Just Jared) 
I posted about the adjectives that the Queen used or didn’t use in her royal proclamation or official consent for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage a few weeks ago. And now that the consent has been formally printed, there are still no adjectives – apparently because Meghan is not a British subject. But… seriously…after the day we’ve had, with all kinds of rogue relative drama, this isn’t the story anymore. The story is how they’re going to settle this sh-t down between now and Saturday. What would Tommy Lascelles do? Would Tommy have been able to shut down Samantha Markle? (Cele|bitchy) 

Every year Cannes brings the fashion spectacle. And there have been some spectacular looks this year on the Croisette. When the festival is wrapped and over though, will there be a dress to rival the drama and the extra of Aishwarya Rai’s? Click through and look at the back of it, when she’s going up the stairs. How perfectly the train has been made to look like a tail. It’s not my style. But it’s also undeniably, unapologetically over-the-top glorious. (Go Fug Yourself) 

We just saw the kind of week Donald Glover was having when he hosted SNL, dropped two new tracks, and the video for "This Is America" and then went to the Met Gala and the showed up on the red carpet for Solo: A Star Wars Story on the same night that Atlanta finished its second season with another brilliant episode. It was always going to be about Donald – and not about Star Wars. Star Wars was just a piece of that. What’s that? Oh, yeah, Donald Glover is #1. Beating Drake. (Vulture)