This Dakota Johnson story kills me: she uses George Clooney’s name to get reservations, LOLOLOL. And when they met he confronted her about it… and was cool with it. Because that is exactly the kind of sh-t he would pull on someone. So if I’m Dakota, I would be expecting a prank-revenge. Also, can we please get an answer on the limes question because I really, really want to know. (Dlisted) 


I mentioned The Wedding Planner earlier in the Jennifer Lopez post. It premiered 20 years ago yesterday and this is who showed up to the premiere. I was really into Pete Sampras back then which means I was the only person who cared about his relationship with Bridgette Wilson. Are there others out there? Also… same reaction as the Fug Girls: Charlotte Church! (Go Fug Yourself) 

Have you been following the drama between Ioan Gruffudd and his now-estranged wife Alice Evans? Has your mind gone to Dominic West at all with this story? Dominic and Ioan are of the same British acting generation – and in passing they kinda look alike, non? (Cele|bitchy) 


I love talking about poo and while I don’t use emojis, probably the poo emoji would be the one I would use the most if I did. I have a poo emoji pillow that occupies a prime position in my closet, it’s that precious. So should I get a poo tea infuser? The only thing is, I don’t drink a lot of tea. (OMG Blog) 

Seth Rogen, who’s been dunking on Ted Cruz this week on Twitter, has written a book. And a long quote from his mother is included with the press release. I will probably (try to) read Seth’s book. But I would also like to read his mother’s book and I hope she gets a book deal too. (Vulture)