Would you use the “cry closet” or would you have used it when you were in school? I understand why there’s a need for it. Because exam time is a motherf-cker and the stress can be unbearable. The location of this particular “cry closet”, however, seems a little… high traffic? The point of it being a closet is to give a person privacy. Look at where it is though – this is not exactly a discreet location. Also, at my school, the “cry closet” would not have been used for crying. We were all horny assholes. We would have probably gone in there to make out. Which is its own source of stress relief. (Dlisted) 

I really love a thrill ride park. I really love rollercoasters. So I’ve been thinking – would I want to have an entire thrill ride park to myself and my friends? The immediate reaction is… f-ck yeah! But… would it be weird if the place was empty? It sucks when it’s packed, of course, and the lines are hours long for a ride that takes 2 minutes, sure. But those are two extremes. The ideal is for there to be *some* people around. Enough to make the park feel alive. But not enough to delay you. I actually like waiting a couple of minutes before going on a ride because it jacks up your nervous energy. Waiting two turns before you get on is pretty much the perfect situation. (Jezebel) 

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard Cruz Beckham singing on social media. The Beckhams have four children. Brooklyn is into celebrity-photography – as in being a celebrity and taking photographs. Romeo has done some modelling but to me he seems to be the one most likely to be an athlete, like his father. Harper Seven is too young to really showcase any proper interests so that leaves Cruz who could be the one to continue his ma’s popstar legacy. But… every popstar should have “it”. Does Cruz have “it”? Does he have “it” any more than your cousin, who keeps posting videos of her kid singing on Facebook? (JustJared) 

Is Prince Harry eating well and exercising because Meghan Markle told him to? Or is it because he too wants to look amazing on his wedding day, in his wedding portraits. Dudes care about that as well. Some dudes care more about it than the brides. I have a friend who had his and her blowouts on wedding day. And his blowout took longer than hers. (Cele|bitchy) 

I’m pretty obsessed with this dress on Dakota Johnson. Never going to complain about a high collar. I love this sleeve length. There’s a waist, yes, but it doesn’t seem restrictive. The velvet adds to the comfort level. And this colour is SPECTACULAR. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I’ve been thinking about this all day – the “late bloom of Janelle Monae”. Is she a late bloomer? Or are WE the late bloomers who didn’t appreciate her before now? (The Ringer)