L’Oreal assembled several of their ambassadors at an event recently and Dame Helen Mirren’s hair is really, really good right now. Obsessed with Andie MacDowell’s outfit. And Camila Cabello’s dress is a mess. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Are there topics you avoid at Thanksgiving? Is abortion one of them? Well Erika Wittekind is suggesting to Americans that tonight, as you cut through your dried turkey, you should actually put abortion on the discussion board. And I agree with her. (The Mary Sue) 

The Rolling Stones + AARP = Tour. And it’s great that they’re still going on the road and performing and doing what they love. It would be also great if there could be a documentary about this tour and what happens behind the scenes and how these musicians, at their age, keep it moving in between stops. I want the recipes, I want to see the massages and the treatments and whatever water they’re making from the dew of rare flowers on mountaintops to maintain their energy. (Cele|bitchy) 


We started the day with a food fight over turkey and we’ll end the day with another food fight: is pie better than cake? I will side with pie in this battle with one exception. Every single pie is a winner except for rhubarb. I refuse rhubarb. Aside from rhubarb, though, generally speaking, I prefer pie. And you know why? It’s because marzipan is on so many cakes and I don’t like marzipan. Fondant, yes. Marzipan isn’t my favourite. Am I a monster? (Pajiba) 

The “Zen Mona Lisa”, one of the most famous Chinese works of art, a masterpiece from the 13th century, is currently on tour in San Francisco. If you have the chance, go see it. Think about how old it is, and how exquisite the painting is given its age. (Next Shark)