Dear Gossips,

Here’s a question I’ve been saving up to ask you all week. It’s Friday content. And especially THIS Friday.  

Do you wash your meat? This is not a euphemism for anything but I get why you would think that. I’m asking the question because it’s become a meme and the meme has gone to places that are super unexpected…and super in other ways. Let me explain. 

Last Tuesday on The Social, we were supposed to be talking about touch-free meat bags at the supermarket “for millennials scared of raw meat”. Supposed to be. The conversation, however, took a turn. Here’s how it went down, originally. As you can see, I have the maturity of a 10-year-old and kept laughing because “washing meat” to me was all about dicks. 


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That became the most viral moment in the history of our show, currently in its 5th season. We never thought, however, that it would meme. And that the meme would travel.  


Even Pete Rock reposted it

But then… this happened. 

Meat washing ended up at the Avengers: Infinity War junket. T’Challa, Okoye, and the Hulk were asked about washing their meat!

Anyway, it’s been almost 24 hours and I’ve been able to avoid all Avengers spoilers. Sarah told me to mute all kinds of hashtags on social media but I’m not sure I can make it to Sunday which is when I’m seeing it. Not like they need my money though. They’re projecting anywhere between $225 - $250 million for the opening box office. Sarah’s review will be posted this morning. 

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,