If this wasn’t Oscar week, with so many parties still to come, Danai Gurira in white would be the Outfit of the Week. This is SO good. 

The dress is easy. It’s flattering. The dress, however, is not the main event. The main event, obviously, is her hair. Her hair has been styled so that it looks like a hat, with flowers tucked into the front rim. CAN YOU EVEN?

But there’s more! The flowers… match the flowers on the print of the dress!

That’s what you need to bring when you’re honouring Ruth E Carter though, acclaimed costume designer, nominated for Oscar this year for her work on Black Panther which Danai wore so beautifully. Can I just appreciate one more thing? Because I really, really hate undergarments right now and specifically how they can ruin an outfit – those of you who don’t need to wear a bra, like Danai you are lucky, lucky people.