Remember in Harry Potter when Hermione founded SPEW? Well, I want to found an organization with a funny acronym and that is MOPS, the Make Okoye Proud Society. The object is to promote the kind of healthy, boss bitch living that would inspire Okoye to gaze upon one with approbation. All I’ve wanted since seeing Black Panther is to earn Okoye’s approval. (Yes, I realize she isn’t real, and no, I haven’t worked out all the details yet, leave me alone.) The chair of MOPS would be, naturally, Danai Gurira, the real-world representative of Okoye and an accomplished badass herself. 

Gurira has been prominently featured during Infinity War press, part of the Wakanda delegation repping the future of Marvel beyond Iron Man. She showed up to the premiere in statement red (Zuhair Murad, if you’re keeping score), and maybe a skoosh overdressed, but given this is basically Black Panther’s victory lap, who can blame a lady for getting into it? She’s part of two of the biggest movies in history—at this point in the Infinity War tracking it’s a question of which Star Wars benchmark they best—and she plays a breakout fan-favorite character. She’s also still on The Walking Dead, which despite a ratings decline remains one of the biggest shows on TV. Danai Gurira is having a banner year, and can promenade in statement red if that is what she chooses to do. Or a great jacket while heading to Kimmel. Okoye would be proud.