There was a tremendous amount of speculation last year about Tom Hiddleston and James Bond. It was fueled by Hiddleston’s performance in The Night Manager as well as Hiddles’ general thirstiness for the role, and then we spent months arguing over whether or not his relationship with Taylor Swift helped or hurt his chances. But that was never the biggest hurdle for Hiddleston—or anyone else—playing Bond. It was always Daniel Craig, and whether or not he would return. I said at the time, “The biggest hurdle is obviously Daniel Craig and whether or not he wants to do one more Bond film. It’s my understanding that EON, the production company behind Bond, would like to do at least one more movie with Craig…”

Well, hurdle not cleared. According to The Daily Mirror, Craig is going to do another Bond, and Bond producer Barbara Broccoli wants to bring Adele back for another theme song, too. Take all this with a huge grain of salt because the trades have yet to weigh in—when the deal is official, there will be an official announcement—but it does jive with what I heard last year, that Broccoli’s top goal was getting Craig back for one last ride.

At this point I wish they’d just reboot Bond with someone we’ve not talked about yet, with a new director—Christopher Nolan is game—  and start a whole new series. I feel like all this speculation and Craig openly stating he’d only return for the money has sapped my interest in seeing the Craig return. (I’m also not super interested in Nolan’s take on the character.) But I guess this is what we have to get through before starting the “Who should play James Bond now” speculation cycle all over again. If Craig does reprise the role one more time, it will pretty well age out Idris Elba, Ewan McGregor, and the usual suspects. I suppose Tom Hiddleston could still be in the mix, but with no set timeline for Bond 25, let’s say it takes 5 years to reboot the cycle. By that time, Taron Egerton will be in his thirties. Can Taron Egerton play James Bond?