Midway through the Golden Globes last night I texted Duana and Kathleen: where is Jordan Peele? I feel like Daniel Kaluuya needs him. 

Jordan was there and we all hilariously, at the same time, texted each other the minute he turned up in one of the shots (“There’s Jordan!”) but there are no photos of Jordan on the carpet at the Globes. He went to the after-party but the man who directed one of the most critically acclaimed films of the year, nominated for Best Musical or Comedy Motion Picture, either kept a really low profile or wasn’t really profiled. You decide what explanation you want to go with but we already knew that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association didn’t have much love for Get Out

Get Out, however, did just receive a Producers Guild Award nomination for Best Picture on Friday. And the PGAs are a much better prognosticator of Oscar than the Golden Globes. At this point, if Get Out doesn’t show up at the Oscars, it’ll be a major, major, major snub, considering how it’s been received and its impressive box office. But… in how many categories? Will Jordan be recognised for both directing and screenwriting? And will Daniel Kaluuya be considered among the Best Actors? 

The locks for Best Actor nominations right now appear to be Gary Oldman, James Franco, Timothee Chalamet, and Daniel Day-Lewis, even though he’s not campaigning. And I’ve lined up the last three posts on the site today in this order on purpose. Because apart from DDL, all the others have their stains, some stains are worse, but there are stains nonetheless. Daniel Kaluuya, Tom Hanks, and maybe Jake Gyllenhaal are in contention for that fifth and final Oscar spot. Daniel Kaluuya delivered an outstanding performance in one of the most outstanding films of 2017. Why is he an outsider in this category?