If you’ve watched the season two premiere of Riverdale, you know that Madelaine Petsch came into every scene like a f-cking wrecking ball, bulldozed over anyone in her path and elevated a character that could’ve easily been an over-the-top, laughable caricature into a nuanced, riveting, three-dimensional powerhouse. I don’t know HOW she made me like her while towering menacingly over her mother’s hospital bed and threatening a woman with third-degree burns but she did. She did that. No disrespect to my boo Jughead Jones but Cheryl Blossom is officially my new favourite resident of Riverdale.

Since I declared Cheryl Blossom as the best thing about Riverdale’s solid season premiere (guys, KJ Apa CAN act!), I am now invested in the life and career of Madelaine Petsch. The 23-year-old is a STAR. I worry that she’ll become the Leighton Meester of the bunch aka the one who is clearly the most talented but her co-stars get more press for dating each other and other famous people and translate that tabloid interest into post-teen drama careers even though Blair Waldorf DESERVED BETTER. Can you tell I’m still bitter?

Madelaine Petsch is not dating one of her co-stars. She is currently in a relationship with Travis Mills, the artist formerly known as T.Mills. I dramatically spat out the tea I was drinking when I saw this JustJared post yesterday. Remember T.Mills!? Anyone? I used to work at a music station when T.Mills was a thing in and around 2011. To put it lightly, his music was not my favourite (a sample of his work, watch at own risk) but I had to work with him a few times and he’s a nice enough kid with a presence that makes you understand why his fan base was mostly screaming teenage girls.

According to both of their Instagram feeds, Madelaine and Travis have been dating for a while.


how I do all my squats

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T.Mills is now an actor who goes by Travis and he and Madelaine met after he auditioned for Jughead (thank Blue Ivy for Cole Sprouse), lost the role and congratulated her for landing Cheryl on Facebook. Their relationship is social media heavy and here’s what Madelaine said to Marie Claire about the PDA.

“I generally don't go public with relationships, but it was one of those things where, when you know you know. And I know with him.”

Her last public relationship was with Aaron Carter. I wouldn’t have anticipated classifying T.Mills as an upgrade but here we are. In a perfect world, Madelaine’s rise post-Riverdale wouldn’t have anything to do with who she’s dating but that is not the Hollywood that exists. She’s 23. Will dating a C-list rapper turned actor hurt her career? I hope not. Cheryl Blossom deserves better.

As for Cheryl’s dating life, Madelaine teased that she will have a crush this season without giving away any details. I hope it’s a Southside Serpent. It’s about time for Cheryl Blossom’s bad boy phase.