Victoria Beckham has been in New York the last couple of days, seen today in pink. David Beckham, meanwhile, is in Tokyo, at the public viewing event for the Colombia vs Japan match. But despite the loving family messages exchanged for Father’s Day this weekend, there remain rumours circulating about the state of the Beckham union. The Mail on Sunday reported that David quit Simon Fuller who has managed both Beckhams for over 20 years and is now working with a new management team led by his friend Dave Gardner. This, naturally, was seen as yet another sign that the Beckhams are growing apart and may soon split. 


Yesterday reps for the Beckhams told The Sun there has been “no change” to the management relationship and that “Simon Fuller is and remains David Beckham’s longterm business partner”. So another week, another denial. If you’re a chronic Beckham worrier, are you intrigued by that choice of words? If you’re a Beckham believer, are you like, how many times do they have to tell you that they’re fine before you’ll believe them!?

Can it be some of both? 

Celebrity or civilian, marriages go through rough patches. The Beckhams themselves have been through at least one major rough patch. The question isn’t whether or not the Beckhams are truly happy together but whether or not you think the Beckhams would actually not be The Beckhams anymore. It seems… unfathomable. The money and the asset division alone would be more complicated than many businesses. 

Speaking of business, this was just announced today: 


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Paolo Riva will start in September which is also when Victoria Beckham will show at London Fashion Week for the first time. Victoria’s label is celebrating its 10th anniversary and there have been a lot of stories about financial losses after significant investments. The company has been making some moves, including a 30 million pound equity partnership with Neo Investment Partners, to solidify their focus and vision and be better positioned going forward. In other words, this is a critical time for her brand. And Victoria was born under the sign of the Tiger. Tigers, this year, are advised to avoid conflict, minimise the damage of the strong Fire that’s raging through the zodiac. Interestingly enough, David is a Rabbit, the luckiest sign of the Chinese zodiac during this, the Year of the Dog. And he’s a 1975 Rabbit. Let’s visit what my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, advised for 1975 Rabbits back in February: 

1975 Water Rabbit – the luckiest of all Rabbits this year. But temptations surround you because of it. People will be attracted to you, everyone will want to be close to you. Do not allow yourself to be too flattered and become lazy. Maintain your integrity. One lapse and your luck could disappear.  

I’ll just… leave that right there.