Something that should make Maria, the Beckham worrier, feel better – and you too, if you’re a Beckham worrier. David Beckham posted this on Instagram story today: 

He’s affectionately mocking Victoria’s treadmill style. Because she’s powerwalking while waving her arms around in the air. Probably because it burns more calories? She looks like she’s on a pretty good incline here too so it’s bonus calorie burn. Which I’m not mad at. Exercise sucks, you might as well maximise the f-ck out of it while you’re there. And it’s easy for him to laugh, being the elite athlete he was/is. Regular people rarely look attractive when they’re working out. In my mind, I look great when I’m running. The minute I look in the mirror the illusion is broken. 

Oh. Sh-t. Wait. So…maybe this is a dick move after all and it doesn’t help the Beckham worriers at all. Because why is he making fun of her?!? 

You know… an IG story is supposed to last for 24 hours. I don’t see this on his account anymore. He pulled it down. You think she was pissed? She was probably pissed. Remember, the only walking we’re supposed to see from Posh is the strut. Even in her “candid” moments she never looks “just like us”. Maybe that’s why this video came down. 

Oh no. Maria’s even more stressed now.