If you’re on TikTok and your algorithm understands your celebrity inclination, chances are you’ve seen the clip about the Beckhams from their Netflix docuseries, Beckham, that has gone viral. 


It’s Victoria talking about their upbringing and she says that both she and David grew up in “working class” environments. At which point he decides to pop in, urging her to “BE HONEST”. They show this in the trailer for the doc, but without the context, at least when you watch the trailer, you’re like…what are they talking about, could it maybe have something to do with the cheating scandals? 


David is hilariously calling her out on how she describes her family background. 


Just binged the new reality show #beckham on Netflix & came across this. If that’s working class I want to be in it #victoriabeckham #fypシ

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You know what I love about this though? Because it’s not a bad look for anyone here. Is Victoria a revisionist? Is she trying to downplay her privilege? Sure. But don’t forget, her stage name was POSH SPICE. 


That’s how she became famous. That’s who she was when David fell in love with her: Posh. 

Because she was driven to school in a Rolls Royce. Posh was the attribute that defined her kind of spice. So it’s not like this is new. What’s new is that in these times, unlike how it was in the 90s when the Spice Girls came up, it’s no longer cool to base an identity entirely on the fact that she’s posh. Back then, though, millions of people embraced this about her. 

Let’s be honest – Victoria was not the strongest singer or dancer in the group. What we loved about and wanted from Victoria was the poshness. And that remains true today. Nobody’s looking at the Spice Girls with a 2023 lens all like, ugh, let’s reinterrogate how Posh was bad for the culture and should be cancelled. 


And yet it’s obviously a sensitivity for Victoria because she’s not only aware of the 2023 lens but after stepping away from her Posh days, she actually does work. Victoria is a hustler. She has been out here building her brand and establishing herself as a fashion designer and entrepreneur for longer than she was dedicated full-time to the Spice Girls. For all that you can criticise about Victoria, there’s no doubt that she’s a worker. We don’t look at Victoria the way we look at Gwyneth Paltrow. Despite the tabloids constantly trying to undermine her fashion line and questioning its viability, she’s out here season after season with her collections and she has worn them all down, even Anna Wintour. You can’t do that by just sitting on your ass staring at yourself in the mirror. Victoria is busy. 


But she can still be bothered. With love. And to go back to my point about this being a good look for everyone – a moment like this between David and Victoria speaks to their very real and enduring connection. These two KNOW each other, so well that he can, with the cameras rolling, call her out on her “working class” attempt. Which is obviously a conversation they’ve had before, in private. Perhaps something he even teases her about. 

The point is, after all these years (almost 30), the Beckhams know everything that’s been said about them – and they say it to each other. This says to me that they’re solid. Against all odds they’re solid.