David Beckham has been in LA the last few days and yesterday stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! for an interview about his Netflix documentary, Beckham. We’ll get back to the doc in a minute, let’s start with the interview itself, because it’s a good one, he came with good stories, and even though there are some headlines about it related to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, that part is literally only 15 seconds, and it’s nothing. 


Before TNT there was Posh & Becks and even though TikTok doesn’t know pop culture history, hopefully enough of us remember that Posh and Becks are all-time Gossip Hall of Fame drama and the fact that they are still together, about to celebrate their 25th anniversary in July, is incredible. 


Despite the British tabloids trying it several times a year with the stories about their imminent demise, the Beckhams are intact. And David doesn’t go a minute, it seems, in this interview without talking about Victoria – whether it’s how much he loves that she’s a Spice Girl or how much he values her feedback. And it’s done in a way that isn’t forced or performative; she comes up because she’s a huge part of his life, because they are a unit, because they close, because they have been through it. 

But also, let’s back up from the spice and talk about the honey, the honey made me laugh. When David first comes out to set, after Jimmy introduces him, he has in his hand a jar – it’s one of those farmer’s market, small batch, jars that you see everywhere these days. And I’m sure you know what my mind went to: Meghan Meghan’s American Riviera Orchard and those jams that she’s been sending out to famous people who are posting on social media. 


David was bringing Jimmy a jar of his honey, “DBee’s Sticky Stuff” (not degenerates like me crying over this name), which he makes himself, and we know this from the docuseries because he’s seen in his beekeeper suit fiddling with his bees right at the beginning of the first episode. The honey is not for sale, it’s his hobby, but you will note that, well, the presentation of the jar is very similar to Meghan’s – and my point here is that, well, how is the ARO jam going to distinguish itself from everyone out there, from David Beckham to David NoName, who also does this?! 



Anyway, back to Beckham and the reason he’s promoting a docuseries that was released six months ago on an American talk show. First of all, as I wrote about back then, I LOVE the doc, and I’m not the only one. A lot of people watched Beckham on Netflix, for the nostalgia and for the gossip, specifically to reexamine what was the biggest gossip of the time through our current lens. They/we did the Beckhams dirty, and it’s been something of a victory lap ever since. Or a pre-victory lap? More accurately, a pre-hopeful-victory lap. 

The reason he’s promoting the docuseries right now is because they’re going for the Emmys. It’s a For Your Consideration campaign as Emmy nominations are being decided. He and director Fisher Stevens were at a FYC event the other day and discussed the moment from the doc that went viral – when Victoria called herself “working class”. It was as unplanned as it seemed, in fact Fisher was initially pissed at David for interrupting Victoria in that moment. 


According to THR and Variety, Netflix’s Beckham has a strong shot at a nomination in the documentary series category although it’s up against some equally strong contenders: The Jinx, Quiet on Set, and The SuperModels just to name three of the more high-profile ones.

It’ll be interesting to see how far the Beckham star power goes. But, yes, right now there is a very good possibility that the Beckhams will be at the Emmys.