Victoria and David Beckham were at their oldest son Brooklyn’s book launch last night in London. So in case you weren’t feeling old, Posh and Becks are now attending events FOR THEIR CHILDREN. It’s not about them anymore. We are deep in era of Next Gen Celebrity. The book is called What I See. It’s a book of photography. From the publisher:

“WHAT I SEE, the first book by Brooklyn Beckham, is a series of snapshots of his life. Each chapter tells a different story through pictures by and of Brooklyn, accompanied by captions and passages of text in his own words. Unique, authentic and stylish, WHAT I SEE is a glimpse behind the lens."

Not surprisingly, given his last name, and this opportunity, there’s been some criticism now that some people have seen Brooklyn’s work. Zoom in on the tweet and both images below if you can to read the caption:

“dinner. i like this picture – it’s out of focus but you can tell there’s a lot going on.”

Did that crack you up? It cracked me up. No but seriously, nepotism aside, with captions like that to go along with photos like that, what, really is the value of this book? Because…

Isn’t that what Instagram is?

How are these photos and the captions that go along with them any different from what you see on Instagram?! There’s been some money into the project by the publisher. Was this a good business decision? It’s only a good business decision if you, or the teenager in your life, spends the $30 or whatever to see Brooklyn’s work. But look. Here’s a picture of an elephant, that’s probably a better picture of an elephant than the one in his book, for free, on his Insta:


To the sky

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Here’s a photo of his sister, also free, on his Insta:


Roll 5 film 5

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Pictures on Instagram, however, don’t come with the prestige of having your pictures published by a publishing house. Sure, I get that. I get what Brooklyn gets out of it. I don’t know what the publisher gets out of it. Now. But …maybe it’s an investment in Brooklyn and Brooklyn by extension, as in the Beckham family? 


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So proud of @brooklynbeckham X Thank u @christiesinc #whatisee X VB

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