I have a love-hate relationship with helicopters. They’re terrifying. They’re cool. A couple of weeks ago, Jacek showed me this video of a helicopter pilot trained to do trick moves, like spins and flips, and I get the adrenaline junkie appeal of that sh-t…but there is no f-cking way I would ride along. So this clip of a 74-year-old woman being rescued by helicopter is equal parts awesome and crazy scary. (Dlisted) 

A Day in the Life of Anthony Mackie. My favourite part, obviously, is the beginning, knowing he wakes up to Beyoncé. I wish I could say “same”, but I don’t actually wake up to Beyoncé, even though, yes, of course, she is great inspiration. But if I wake up to Beyoncé, I lose a lot of time to Beyoncé because I end up watching half of Lemonade or Homecoming again. My other favourite part though is when Anthony calls out to the Hallmark channel to put him in one of their movies. Like, I’m sure they’d LOVE for him to be in one of their movies. But, really? He’s Captain America now. He’s getting Disney+ money. Pretty sure he’s not doing Hallmark for another 15 years, at least. Or maybe Hallmark will surprise us all and be the true challenger to Netflix. (Cele|bitchy) 

Tessa Thompson is currently the frontrunner for Outfit of the Week so if there’s going to be someone to take her down, she’ll be doing the self-takedown. This outfit she’s wearing in Paris with Chris Hemsworth, with the blue fans, is giving me Solange vibes from the Met Gala a few years ago. (Go Fug Yourself) 

It’s taken a long time for the Bill & Ted sequel to get going but it’s happening, just as Keanu Reeves is as popular as he’s ever been. In Bill & Ted Face the Music, Bill and Ted are fathers now. Their daughters have just been cast. They are of appropriate daughter age. Which, in Hollywood, is actually kind of surprising, because if this was any other movie, or a Johnny Depp movie, the actresses cast would be playing Johnny’s love interest. If this were real life and we were talking about Leonardo DiCaprio, the actresses cast would be too old to be his love interest. (Pajiba) 

Drake has been trolling the Golden State Warriors in Toronto on the sidelines of the games. Last night was Golden State’s first home game of the NBA Finals. And this is how they trolled Drake which… sure yeah… but it wasn’t all that imaginative, was it? It’s actually pretty predictable to play Pusha T. Drake’s out here hunting down vintage jerseys and making Home Alone hoodies and they’re playing the most predictable song possible? Come stronger! (TMZ) 

For far too long, too f-cking long, there was one journalist who kept at the R Kelly story, even as R Kelly won his court case, continued selling records. Jim DeRogatis has been on it. And it’s only in the last two years that his work has finally paid off. I’m not saying that he deserves the credit. That’s not what I’m saying at all. All I’m pointing out is that he’s been working hard. He has a new book coming out about his reporting on R Kelly’s crimes. And this is a great interview he did with Constance Grady for Vox. (Vox)