The changing tides of television – in this installment, Days of Our Lives is moving to a streaming service. Will the people who watch Days follow it to Peacock? Suspense! But also… LOL at Deadline’s calling the show, and soap operas in general, “sudsers”. Like I’m all for creativity and not repeating words but this is synonym overdose. (Dlisted) 


I am in love. So in love. With every single f-cking look in the Thom Browne resort collection, OH MY GOD. I mean, he didn’t, but I feel like each piece was made specifically for me but this is my style life – this is where I’ve been living for a year now: uniforms, uber-tailoring, starchy collars, stiff lapels, ties, pleats and pleated skirts of all lengths, and brogues and socks and stripes and plaid and stripes and plaid with florals. Am obsessed! (Go Fug Yourself) 

It was indeed glorious the way Alex Jones got his ass handed to him in court yesterday, that f-cking asshole but also… infuriating. Because think of what led him here – calling Sandy Hook a hoax, and compelling the parents of the children who were murdered to have to keep reliving that experience in order to prove that their trauma is real! This man is an awful human being and he has a following, there are people out there who believe him, who support him and they are perpetuating evil, the evil of disinformation. (Cele|bitchy) 


I love this piece by Alberto Cox Délano on Shakira not paying her taxes and maybe facing jailtime because there’s so much background here but delivered in such a fun way and it’s also given me homework because I’m not at all familiar with some of the information here but the way it’s been served here, I want to know more! (Pajiba) 

“Everywhere I go, every smile I see, I know you are there, smiling back at me” – I didn’t have to look up the lyrics, I KNOW this song like I know my own face. And this is the history of one of Janet Jackson’s best but saddest songs, “Together Again”. (The Ringer)