Today is #GivingTuesday, a day dedicated to giving to your community. If everyone in Canada donated the price of a $5 latte today, we could raise almost $190 million for charities across the country. Please visit  if you are able to make a donation to any charity in Canada. 

I made a donation this morning to the Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto which supports Indigenous women and children in the Greater Toronto Area. Please click here for more information about the organisation. 

And for Allie and Harvey, the most loyal boy, the protector and catcher of cockroaches and other pests, and the punk who had beef with the postman and the vacuum cleaner – he was hilarious and ridiculous, he was a terror and the sweetest, I can tell from the way he alertly held his body, with that one paw lifted, that he was always ready for fun and WOULD NOT STOP EVER, with a limitless amount of energy. Which also means he lived every moment of his almost 15 years. This boy saw some sh-t! He had so much fun. And his life was full. That’s a complete story – and isn’t that the best? To be able to complete a story? Here is the story of Harvey: every day he was loved and every day he loved back.