Dear Gossips, 

If you’ve been visiting our site over the years, you probably know by now that I am a birthday whore. Some people go about their birthdays low-key. I am not those people. I treat my birthday like it’s a public service announcement. Tomorrow is my birthday. 


Which is why I’m dedicating this space today to my celebrity birthday twin, because I have the best one: Serena Williams. 

Serena is currently getting ready for the French Open on Sunday. She is going for that elusive 24th Grand Slam title. The first round begins on Sunday and the draw was revealed yesterday – she’ll play Kristen Ahn. She’s been training hard since losing in the semis at the US Open a few weeks ago, getting right back to work at Mouratoglou Tennis Academy just three days after the tournament. Which is why she needs the ice baths:


Serena also posted on stories that she’s been doing puzzles to relax her brain. In the latest video you can hear Olympia giggling in the background. Olympia was in the stands, with her dad, at various points during Serena’s US Open run. No doubt she’ll be there cheering on her ma in Paris. Alexis Ohanian posted about testing procedures, the tennis bubble, and the importance of masks a few weeks ago. As you can see, he’s got the COVID hair too. 

This has become a regular occurrence over the last couple of years when Serena’s at work. Dad’s the one parenting so the champ can focus. Alexis used his platform recently to destigmatise paternity leave in response to another CEO who was talking sh-t about another dude who wanted time off to be with his family. How is it 2020 and some fools are still out here thinking it’s not masculine to be a fully participating parent?! This is not the way it rolls in Serena’s relationship. As if she would stand for that. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND to my birthday twin, Serena Williams. GO GET ‘EM. 

Yours in gossip,