Dear Gossips,   

Ken Jeong went viral last night after he walked off the set of The Masked Singer when Rudy Giuliani was unmasked. 


There are hundreds, if not more, reasons why someone would not want to be in the same room as Rudy Giuliani but let’s specifically cite two that I think Ken might connect with. The first being that Ken is a doctor so I would imagine he takes issue, as many people do, with Giuliani’s anti-vaccine rhetoric and the general bullsh-t that he’s pushed about COVID and treatment that has endangered people’s lives. 

Oh and there’s also this: 


Why should Ken stand there and applaud someone who’s openly mocked Asian people and quite likely contributed to the harm that the Asian community has experienced? 

It made me sad, that shot of Ken walking down the stairs, his head lowered. And while there are many people who are cheering him today for taking a stand, all I can see is his body language, his disappointment – he looks dejected, and I’m not sure he thinks back to this moment with any affection. Because Ken probably loves his job. And he went to work that day and it brought him pain. He chose to remove himself from a painful situation. I respect that. 

Yours in gossip,