Dear Gossips,   

Though I don’t watch any Real Housewives, even I know that Garcelle Beauvais is the unmessiest of them all and one of the most popular. I interviewed Garcelle last year when she was promoting her book, Love Me As I Am. She’s a delight – so nice and warm and interesting and engaging, and she has a lot going on outside of Housewives. Which is why she was in New York yesterday. 


Garcelle is promoting Black Girl Missing, the Lifetime movie in support of the Stop Violence Against Women campaign. In the movie, Garcelle plays Cheryl who is looking for her missing daughter, Lauren. When she gets no help from the cops and the media, who are preoccupied with the case of another missing girl – a white girl of course – Cheryl must rely on the assistance of amateur investigators to find Lauren. 

Cheryl experiences first-hand how missing persons of colour cases are unprioritised by both law enforcement and mainstream media and that leads her to the work of the Black and Missing Foundation so, during this press tour, Garcelle is not only promoting her movie but also raising awareness about this issue, which is what she talked about this week on ABC News: 


Here in Canada, we should all be familiar with a similar situation in how this country has done wrong by Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. As Garcelle says during her discussion, “everybody should be important”. 

It’s why she took on the role in Black Girl Missing and is also one of the executive producers. Black Girl Missing premieres this weekend. 

And Garcelle had a full day yesterday as she made the rounds. Which, of course, required multiple outfit changes. I LOVE this red and black printed coat on her. 

Yours in gossip,