Demi Lovato showed off some “Egyptian artifacts” online and a professor specializing in art crime dragged them as some fake ass sh-t, and, rightfully, pointed out that any real artifacts of that sort would likely be looted. Egypt is very particular about their artifacts (as they should be). You just don’t find that stuff lying around. This sort of reminds me of when we found out The Rock has a T Rex skull and he had to clarify it’s just a cast and not an actual fossil. Anyway, Dr. Jones was right, all this stuff belongs in a museum. (DListed)


There was a premiere for the finale of Pam & Tommy, and the cast showed up in lewks. I think this is better than Lily James’s premiere outfit, and Seth Rogen has been working this pumpkin spice color to positive effect for a while now. (Go Fug Yourself)

Ryan Coogler tried to make a large cash withdrawal from his bank account and gave the teller a note asking she count the money elsewhere, as he didn’t want to draw attention to what he was doing and the literal brick of cash he was about to receive. So the teller, instead of either 1) recognizing a famous filmmaker and fathoming he is wealthy and has that kind of money in his account, or 2) reading the note and comprehending this dude is withdrawing his own money, did 3) call the cops for an attempted robbery. I wish this was shocking, but of course, it isn’t. And before anyone is like, “He shouldn’t have passed a note” or whatever, I used to make large cash withdrawals at a previous job, and I did this exact same thing, handing a note and one of those padlocked cash bags to the teller asking for the cash to be counted in the back. I don’t think it’s an unusual request, no one wants to draw attention to having a large amount of cash on their person. Of course, no one ever called the cops on me, and in my case, it wasn’t even my own account. Poor Ryan Coogler, it sucks this happened to him, and I hope he finds a new bank after Bank of America issues a groveling apology. (Celebitchy)


Russian Doll is coming back for a second season and I refuse to watch any of the clips and trailers because for this one, I want to be totally unspoiled. What is now season one felt final and concluded, so I don’t know how they’re going to open the multiverse back up for a second season. Of course, I thought the same about Fleabag season one, and somehow, season two is even better. I am hoping for a Fleabag-esque miracle once again, because I love Russian Doll and will be crushed if the second season is even mediocre. If you don’t mind some pre-gaming, though, there is a new clip out there. What a concept! (OMG Blog)

Kate Hagen absolutely lets it RIP with this long form piece about body image, Hollywood, and fat girl representation on screen. Read her magnificent words, then peruse her curated “Cinematic Canon for Fat Grrls” and discover some real gems, like She-Devil, Seven Beauties, and Babycakes. (Letterboxd)