Demi Lovato has given up their “California sober” ways and is now entirely sober-sober. Good for them, I genuinely wish them well on their journey, but also, “California sober” was a perfect description of a certain way of existing. They got so much sh-t for saying that, but it’s word perfect! Don’t hate the lyricist when they come through with the clever words and phrases. (DListed)


Little Mix, which I’m pretty sure is a British girl group and not a British baking show about child bakers, is NOT breaking up, they are “taking a break”. Sure, is this like how One Direction has been “on hiatus” for the last whatever many years? (Popsugar)

Henry Cavill is doing double-duty, promoting The Witcher season two and auditioning for James Bond. I know we only just got done with Daniel Craig, but you know as soon as 12:01 AM on 1/1/2022 rolls around, the “who’s the next Bond” free for all will begin, and Cavill’s going to be at the top of the list. Honestly…not the worst choice. If it can’t be Dev Patel, or Rege-Jean Page, Cavill would at least split the difference between Craig’s rough-and-ready Bond and the more suave Bonds of eras past. Still, I think it’s going to end up being someone we haven’t talked about in association with the role, like…Aaron Taylor-Johnson or Jamie Bell or similar. (Go Fug Yourself)


Shakira covers Glamour UK, talking about environmental activism and her work with Prince Williams’ Earthshot prize. In the celebrity environmentalist sweepstakes, would you rather get a call from Leonardo DiCaprio, or Prince William? I’d rather hear from Ed Begley, Jr. That guy has been walking the walk on environmental issues for DECADES. (Celebitchy)

Anne Helen Petersen tackles the rising costs—read: punishment—of being single in America. It is truly death by a thousand cuts, and this article just makes me mad about the million ways big and small single women are punished for daring to hit and quit it. (Vox)