Lady Danbury will not stand for all these people trying to come for the Duke of Hasting’s character. Let Regé-Jean Page live! (Cele|bitchy)

When you yourself are “very rich” and “very connected”, how “very rich” and “very connected” does someone have to be to impress you? In Jennifer Lopez’s case, I think we know the answer. But is Kim Kardashian like JLo in that she might date a non-celebrity in between her major celebrity romances? (Dlisted) 


We’re getting closer and closer to the Oscars. Will there be an Oscar outfit this year that will stand the test of time? Standing the test of time doesn’t mean you have to like it. Doesn’t mean the outfit has to be actually be a style win. Sometimes standing the test of time means that after a lot of time has passed, you still remember it. Like Demi Moore’s bike shorts. It was weird-ish in the moment but looking at it now, it’s actually kinda charming. (Go Fug Yourself) 

At this rate, Matthew McConaughey is going to get into politics before The Rock does. If this actually happens, which celebrities do you think would campaign for him? Guy Fieri for sure. How about Woody Harrelson? Like for a True Detective reunion? Kate Hudson? And should he really do it, will Matt Damon un-retire his McConaughey impression? (Pajiba) 

Remember how horny 2020 was? Do we still have that same energy in 2021? Love this piece by Allison P Davis about the consequences of being horny and how one of them might be that PDA will be everywhere once we’re let back into the wild. (The Cut)