Whatever the legal outcome to Johnny Depp’s lawsuit against The Sun (and Amber Heard by extension), from a reputation perspective, I’m not sure anyone looks “right” here. The accusations and details coming out of this case are bonkers. She’s saying he’s a violent mess behind the scenes, he’s saying she’s a vindictive lying bitch, photos of him passed out are being shared and now we’re looking at a picture of a sh-t that she allegedly took in their bed! But you know what? As Kristian at Dlisted says, there’s a “Twilight” filter on it, LOLOLOLOLOLOL. (Dlisted) 


It’s Diane Kruger’s birthday and the FUG Girls have put together a retrospective. I really, really enjoyed these throwback shots of her with Guillaume Canet. I wish I paid more attention when they were married. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Tom Hiddleston was pretty quiet before lockdown, for a while before lockdown, and during lockdown he was pretty much silent. So there haven’t been many updates. Here’s one, for those of you who’ve been wondering: he’s with Zawe Ashton and they might be living together. (Cele|bitchy) 

Speaking of lockdown, Drake spent lockdown in Toronto and now that restrictions have been lifted – and he has his own jumbo jet – he’s now on holiday in Barbados showing off his tattoos. (TMZ) 

I strongly encourage you to read this piece about how race can affect friendships. Even the best of friendships. This is candid and honest and uncomfortable and necessary. And if you already loved Aminatou Sow, as I do, you’ll only admire her more. (The Cut)