All the details coming out of Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, are creating a content bonanza for the media. The last I checked, Page Six had at least a dozen articles related to the revelations in the book; over at the Daily Mail, it feels like Spare has basically taken over their entire website, and they even have a “live updates” page dedicated to Harry; and there’s a whole section about Harry and the book at The Sun as well. That’s only three of many outlets feasting on Harry’s story, to say nothing of the social media activity all this coverage has been generating. And the book isn’t even on sale until late Monday night/Tuesday morning.


Is reading a hundred articles about the book the same as reading the book? I mean, as much as I’ve LOLed at some of these details that have emerged, ranging from circumcision to hair loss, I also want to know the context in which these anecdotes are shared. Which is to say that we won’t be dedicating posts on this site to every single instance of lipgloss and half-ass hugging that have been lifted and highlighted until we can read Spare in its entirety for ourselves. Thoughts on Harold’s circumcision and William’s hair loss and the time Meghan asked Kate for lipgloss and when Willy shirked from Meghan’s hug will come once I can power through Spare some time after Tuesday. And the Golden Globes which are also on Tuesday. All of which follows Harry’s interview schedule.

Because there’s the book, and the reading of it, but there’s also his press tour to promote it. Earlier this week it was announced that Harry would be featured in a 90-minute special on ITV on Sunday in the UK with Tom Bradby, followed by an interview with Anderson Cooper for 60 Minutes that same night in the US, followed by an interview with Michael Strahan the next day, Monday, on Good Morning America


Yesterday another television appearance was confirmed. He will be on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday. Harry’s done American late night before, but with James Corden it was an interview within a sketch – it was a modified Carpool Karaoke, with Harry and James catching up on an open deck tour bus through Los Angeles. His interview with Colbert, however, sounds like it’ll be in the traditional late night format: the host sits at the desk, introduces the guest, who emerges from behind the curtain, and takes their seat on the couch…in front of a live audience. Will be interesting to see how Harry performs under these conditions. 



As for the appearances preceding this one, seizing on the Harry buzz that Spare has created over the last few days, ITV, CBS, and ABC are continuing to release teaser clips from their interviews. GMA’s latest promo focused on how Harry struggled to accept Princess Diana’s death: 


ITV chose a more sensational approach, posting a clip of Tom Bradby asking Harry about William attacking him and using drugs when he was younger, which he shares in the book: 


And 60 Minutes is focusing on race – Harry admitting to his own racial blindspots and bigotry and how his relationship with Meghan made him more aware of his white privilege and institutional racism in the British press: 

Sunday and Monday, then, will be all Harry. That will continue on Tuesday when the book comes out and he shows up on Colbert that night…which will spill over into Wednesday morning. Pace yourselves, gossips. There’s more chaos ahead.