Is this a recent photo of Diane Keaton or a not-so-recent one? Hard to say because as the Fug Girls point out, she’s a consistent dresser. I guess that’s one way to be timeless? These shoes though – I looooove these shoes. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Beyoncé sent Madonna flowers and a note of appreciation which Madonna shared on social media, as you do. Not everyone can be the recipient of a bouquet and a card from Beyoncé but almost everyone who does will brag about it, even Madonna. That said, innocent question: does it mean anything that B didn’t handwrite it? (Dlisted)

Is there a right way to talk about Britney Spears? I’ve been asking this question for over a year because the way everyone from Diane Sawyer to me to other celebrities to the media to the public, the way the collective treated Britney was so problematic for so long and we’re supposed to know better and do better. Is it better now though? I don’t want to get into the details because, again, I don’t know how much air we should be giving this. But I will say that for far too long other people were speaking for Britney and/or shaping through their perspective how we see her, unfairly – and now it’s Kevin Federline. Are we seriously at a point on the timeline when we’re supposed to f-cking take Kevin Federline’s word for it? (Cele|bitchy) 


What are your favourite plot clichés? That’s what Twitter is asking and for me, it’s what they do in Korean dramas – if it’s a romance, the lovers often discover that they somehow knew each other as children, and had a shared trauma …but for whatever reason they don’t remember each other until much later and the buildup to the realisation is almost like the buildup to a sex scene. (Pajiba) 

Ben Lindbergh asks a good question: what does success look like for HBO and House of the Dragon? (The Ringer)