It’s kind of comforting to me that there’s still an appetite for a court show. For years I had Judge Judy on series record so I’d always be able to turn on an episode when I was in the mood. Steve Harvey will now be hosting a court show. I’m not here to talk about whether he’s qualified. I’m here to complain about the fact that I’ve never been invited to jury duty, all these years of my adult life. WTF does one have to do to get a jury notice in Canada? (Dlisted) 


Halloween is over two months away and everywhere I turn there’s Halloween content. Already. Which means I now have over two months to tell you, repeatedly, how much I hate Halloween. At work we have to put in so much energy for Halloween and I’m not convinced viewers actually f-cking care. So, no, even when a baby is dressed for Halloween, I’m not feeling it. To me, your baby is not cuter because they’re dressed like a pumpkin or a skeleton. I pass. (PopSugar) 

As I wrote a few weeks ago, while Sex and the City, the series, was a fashion headliner, I’m not convinced the sequel series, And Just Like That, will be the same. Carrie’s wearing Birkenstocks now. With socks. Which… is pretty ordinary these days. All the models have been doing this for years. Civilians have been doing it for years. TikTokkers are all over it. So I’m going to roll my eyes if, when the show comes out, there’s a headline about how she’s a trendsetter. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus are engaged. Which means it’s time to remind you that she was married for five years to Guillaume Canet. That’s why I’m attaching this post a photo of her, with Guillaume, and Joseph Gordon Levitt in 2002. JGL’s facial hair makes me laugh. (Cele|bitchy) 

This quiz determines which Ted Lasso character you are based on your movie choices. I love Ted Lasso and I love movies, I’m in. And I’m Rebecca. Very happy with this. (Buzzfeed)