Every celebrity couple has its Twi-Hards. Some of them are more bonkers than others. The ones who still believe Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are secret-married are at one end the spectrum and, in general, in my experience, I’ve found the Emma Stone-Andrew Garfield stans to be pretty chill, relatively speaking. 

There is an entire online community devoted to Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus. I don’t know, exactly, what their grievances are. Something something she did this or he did that on Instagram and what who why this means she’s a troll and he’s an asshole…it’s not clear to me. And I’m not sure it should be clear to you because if it was clear to us, well, I would worry about us. 

Anyway, over the weekend there was some drama on Diane and Normans IGs. According to emails I received, they unfollowed each other and then she followed him again? Or they unliked each other and unfollowed each other? One of those or all of those. Just know that this was happening and it was noticed. So the stans or the haters were speculating that, maybe, it was over. Or breaking?

No. All that for nothing. 

Here they are in New York looking today looking for an apartment together. 

I would not want to share an apartment with him. He looks very…dry. And, look, I can handle a scruffy looking man. But I can’t handle bad breath. Do you think Norman Reedus has nice breath?