I don’t love this look on Diane Kruger. But I also don’t hate it. And based on that, I think it’s not a win… because it seems like it’s one of those designs that is hoping to be more polarising than it actually is but the end result is actually kind of a shrug? (Go Fug Yourself) 


As Maria mentioned in Celebrity Social Media today, for anyone who didn’t think The Morning Show was realistic… the Good Morning America situationship between Amy Robach and TJ Holmes is blowing up the group chats of everyone who works in broadcasting, and that includes me. They’ve shut down their Instagrams but they did both show up for work today, not mentioning anything, but also joking about looking forward to the weekend. The question now is, in the long term, will this affect their careers? Morning television is very specific beast – it has to feel like a hug, and hugs come with trust. And morning television audiences typically don’t want mess, they want comfort. Some people I know think this is a major blow to both of their futures. Twenty years ago? Absolutely. In 2022? I’m not sure either way. So it’s a case study in how cultural perspectives are or aren’t changing. Let’s check back in on this story next week. (Dlisted) 


Prince William and Kate’s trip to the United States hasn't exactly been the “Super Bowl” they were hoping for. It started with Lady Susan Hussey doing a racism at Buckingham Palace and then Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s docuseries trailer dropped, and there doesn’t seem to be all that much excitement about their visit. But they released a trailer too. Doesn’t quite have the same effect, does it? (Cele|bitchy) 

This is a sickeningly high bar for what goes welllllll beyond what some people are willing to tolerate. As for the combination of Ye and Alex Jones – so here’s a guy who basically told grieving parents that their babies being murdered was a hoax talking to another guy who has made anti-semitism his brand. And only then did the party decide that that was crossing the line. (Pajiba) 

The Cut’s roundup of the year in celebrity fashion and, of course, we have to start with Rihanna’s pregnancy style. (The Cut)