There was that woman in Spain who tried to restore Ecce Homo, remember that? Then Tom Brady’s courtroom sketch which became an awesome meme. And most recently, my favourite, Cristiano Ronaldo’s bust, which will always, always make me laugh. I need to add it to my joy book. This new entry though will never be added to my joy book. This is not funny. This is the People’s Princess. Completely destroyed. BY FLOWERS! But here’s the thing – if I had tried to do this, you wouldn’t know who it was about. The fact that you can actually recognise it as Diana… does that mean it’s good? Or is that a pathetic defence? (Dlisted) 

How much more official does it get? Diane Kruger’s style. Is officially slumping. Like a deep, deep slump. This dress is a mess. I mean, it’s not like Diane Kruger can’t wear edgy clothes – she totally can and has. But this… I mean it just looks so cheap. It looks like a retrospective, when a designer runs through the history of his or her career and pulls out the first dress they made with an old sewing machine and some scraps from grandma’s antique trunk. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Scarlett Johansson is free to marry weak-in-the-face Colin Jost if she wants to. Ha. That just made me laugh. Really, though? Could it actually happen? I’m not saying that anyone’s saying it’s happening. There have been no rumours about ScarJost and a wedding. I’m just wondering if whatever’s between them could even go that far. The answer to that question, right now, is no. Especially when we’re still hearing from her sidepiece lawyer, Kevin Yorn, and how there will always be something simmering between them. (TMZ) 

I totally forgot about the rumours that Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson were getting back together. And I had no idea about this boyfriend who was an ex but now might not be an ex anymore. Has Prince Andrew ever bonafided anyone since his divorce? For Prince Charles, there was The One: Camilla. Is Sarah Ferguson Prince Andrew’s The One? I don’t see her in that way. Do you? (Celeb Dirty Laundry) 

If you’re an old white guy and you lost your job not because you sexually harassed women for decades but because it became public that you sexually harassed women for decades, what happens is that you still walk away with millions and you get to start a new business venture with a profile in a Hollywood trade. Sounds about right. (Jezebel) 

The Emmys are on Sunday, just four more sleeps. Here at LaineyGossip, we are prioritising the Emmys as much as we prioritise the Oscars. There will be an all-nighter. Duana, Kathleen, and I will be posting as soon as the show is over and right through to morning and probably afternoon. We’ll include as many dresses, as many looks, as we can. In the past though, Emmys fashion has not been at the level of Golden Globes and Oscars fashion. Because, of course, television was never considered as prestigious as film. Has Peak TV changed all this? Studios and networks are putting as much money into Emmy campaigns as the Oscars. Will it be the same with style? Will Peak TV elevate the fashion game at the Emmys? (Variety)