Stop this nonsense. WHAT? They’ve come up with a “diet avocado”. Avocados regular are perfect the way they are, who the f-ck thought this was a good idea? The manufacturer, sure, obviously. But also? There are indeed people who avoid real avocado because of the fat content. And this means they don’t understand how goddamn good the fat in avocados is. We need an Avocado Education program. Someone, please start this. (Dlisted)

Benjamin Millepied, who is Natalie Portman’s husband, is launching an online ballet workout program. I have no doubt it will be an effective workout. Dancers are FIT. But working out through ballet… wouldn’t be my thing. Because I need NOISE when I work out. It has to be BOOM BOOM BOOM BASH BOOM BOOM, because otherwise the pain and boringness of working out is unbearable. A ballet workout, to me, sounds quiet. And delicate. And altogether too calm. No thank you. (Cele|bitchy)

Margot Robbie has been promoting Goodbye Christopher Robin all week. But…has she really? Because there’s also been a LOT of talk about I, Tonya. In fact, most of the Margot Robbie headlines I’ve seen this week have been about I, Tonya. And I don’t think she minds. By all accounts, she is amazing in I, Tonya. So amazing that some people think there could be an Oscar nomination possibility. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Sasha and I were just talking about Demi Lovato on the new episode of Sasha Answers. Which we recorded last night and will be posting soon. Season 3! Anyway, there was a question about Taylor Swift. And instead of talking about Taylor, we started talking about how much we’ve been listening to Demi Lovato’s new album. At least 3 songs a day for me for the last two weeks. You? (Pop Sugar) 

This is not my favourite Beyonce outfit. But, you know, Beyonce’s rarely in an outfit that makes me lose my sh-t. The lastest outfit is… well… it’s very of the Destiny’s Child era. Those pants, especially. If you told me that Miss Tina designed these pants, I would believe you. (TMZ) 

Kate Beckinsale has shared her experience with Harvey Weinstein’s grossness. Many of the details are exactly like all the other women who’ve had their own Harvey encounters. But she includes an extra detail – about a friend of hers, a man, an actor, who warned a woman to stay away from Harvey…and what happened when Harvey found out what he did. It’s an added layer, yet another one, of how widespread the intimidation was – and who the recipients of the retaliation were. And, of course, why those who did know were afraid to speak up. (The Hollywood Reporter) 

The new Tom Hanks interview with The New York Times is worth your time. This is someone who is very, very, very good in that environment. He makes it interesting, he knows how to give a reportable, engaging conversation. Read it, though, and then go back and read Anne Helen Petersen’s piece on Tom Hanks from almost exactly a year ago. Fascinating comparison. (New York Times)