Just a couple to note while we wait for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first interview as an engaged couple. Which is basically the first time the British public will meet her in any formal capacity. Which I still find stunning. Like, they’ve lived in the same country for A WEEK. And she never formally stepped out with him public in England until today – WHEN THEY ANNOUNCED THAT THEY WERE GETTING MARRIED. It’s bananas. It’s love. Harry loves Meghan so much they just can’t wait any longer. Also they probably want to get it done soon so that they can start having babies. But wait. Don’t they want to enjoy not having kids around for a while? Enjoy playing house alone in their house? There are so many questions for us to obsess over. It’s the best thing that’s happened to us in a long time. 

OK. So. As you know, both Harry and William have now announced their engagements the same month. But there are some key differences. I already wrote about the location specification earlier. Another difference is that you’ll note in Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement announcement, he “sought the permission of” Kate’s father. 

In Harry and Meghan’s engagement announcement, Harry “sought and received the blessing of (her) parents”. That’s one way Harry and Meghan are moving it forward. Another way? 

Meghan was not wearing nude tights today. 

These royal women are big on their hosiery. So far Meghan is not buying into their hosiery rule. That’ll give those old pearl clutchers something to bitch about. And, believe me, they are already bitching. I FULLY SUPPORT THIS THE ANTI-HOSIERY MEGHAN MOVEMENT. And I really hope it continues.