I dug the teaser for I Think We’re Alone Now, Reed Morano’s film starring Peter Dinklage and Elle Fanning. We now have a full trailer, and I still dig it. In fact, the trailer plays so well as its own thing it almost works as a short film. Do I need to see a feature length version of this? I mean, yes, because Dinklage and Fanning and the apocalypse, but this is such a well cut trailer, containing its own little story. Hats off to whoever cut this.

With a fuller picture of what this movie is—although there is clearly still More Going On—Alone kind of reminds me of Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, except grim and not twee. Something has happened to wipe out almost everyone, and Peter Dinklage is clearing his neighborhood one house at a time. (Another thing this reminds me of is the pilot episode of The Walking Dead, as Rick Grimes explores the abandoned Atlanta suburbs.) Elle Fanning shows up. Maybe there are more people somewhere else? There is definitely a mystery aspect. Where’d she get that scar, who is she really, what’s going on? How is that goldfish still alive? I want to know the answers to these questions, so I’m hooked and fully on board with watching this movie, even though it continues to not be a behind-the-scenes music drama about Tiffany.