Brad Pitt is involved in at least a couple of lawsuits over Chateau Miraval. He is suing Angelina Jolie (and she’s countersuing him) for selling her share of the estate and he’s being sued by the new owners who are accusing him of mismanaging the business, among other shady business practices. In new court documents they’re calling him a dilettante, essentially saying that this movie star who really knew nothing about the wine business until he bought the place made bad decisions and squandered all kinds of money investing in vanity projects. Which… is that really hard to believe? It’s amusing how people are defending him all like, Brad was doing a good job and this company, which specialises in worldwide alcohol sales (!!!), don’t know what they’re talking about! (Cele|bitchy) 


Big Britney Spears news today – they announced the title and cover of her memoir. The Woman in Me will be released October 24. Will be interesting to see how quickly this sells because there is no doubt that Britney’s book will be a bestseller. Earlier this year, another memoir broke the memoir sales record. That would be Prince Harry’s Spare. It was a big boost for the publishing industry and I expect Britney’s will be the same. (The Cut) 

Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing a sack dress with a really pretty print – like a painting – and of course I’m into it because there’s nothing I love more than a baggy ass dress but I don’t think I would go for this one because of the neckline. I really don’t like a tie neckline. It’s so… indecisive. At least that’s how I see it. To other people this is variety, options. You can either close it up with the tie or leave it open as a V. Since I hate a V-neck I would always close it, which is why would prefer this as a permanently closed high collar, and you can smock it to make it even more interesting. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Robert Downey Jr is currently promoting Oppenheimer and he’s talking about his most significant films. In his opinion, Iron Man is not one of them, and there are two. I understand why he’s answering this way, especially as it relates to what the two movies he cites meant to him personally. (Pajiba) 

Pride Month is over but as we should all know by now the fight for 2SLGBTQ+ rights is ongoing. The community’s rights are under attack and a decision this past weekend in federal appeals court in the US could very well become “a potential earthquake in the fight for LGBTQ equality". Pride might be over but staying informed should always be a priority no matter the time of year. (Vox)