Sarah posted about Anya Taylor-Joy yesterday getting ready for the Dior presentation during Paris Fashion Week. Anya was just one of many big names at the show. And like all the other luxury fashion houses, Dior is engaging with stars from East and Southeast Asia to promote the brand because that’s where so much of the money is coming from. 


Dilraba Dilmurat is the biggest Uyghur star in China, it’s impossible to overstate how popular she is. And not just in China but around the world since Chinese drama series are becoming more and more accessible across streaming platforms. There was a lot of anticipation leading up to her trip to Paris and as you can see in this video here, she was greeted by a pretty enthusiastic crowd upon arrival. 


Dilraba used to rep Dolce & Gabbana a few years ago, but when D&G launched that racist campaign, leading to widespread Asian backlash, she ended her contract and is now China’s brand ambassador for Dior. This is a valuable partnership for Dior considering China’s impact on the global luxury market. You will note, Dilraba’s photo is the first one they posted on Twitter yesterday. 


If we’re tracking activity, the tweet had higher numbers than any of the posts featuring Hollywood celebrities, and was second only to BLACKPINK’s Jisoo which tells you that even though western media isn’t giving as much heat to certain celebrities at these events, there is a huge audience out there who is paying attention. Look at her face!


Speaking of Jisoo, she was there and seated next to Charlize Theron and her daughter, Jackson. Charlize, of course, has had a longstanding relationship with Dior and while Charlize in Dior isn’t always my favourite, lately there seems to have been a surge of energy and her two looks yesterday were excellent. 

But Charlize wasn’t just there to promote the brand. She may also have been there as a mom because look at this cute moment when she’s introducing Jackson to Jisoo: 


Jackson is now eleven years old, about to be a teenager. OF COURSE she would know BLACKPINK. Like most pre-teens, chances are she would care more about BLACKPINK than about her mother’s Oscar. This is where Charlize’s fame is most useful to her pre-teen child right now, lol. To hook her up with who Jackson considers the real star!

I imagine Jenna Ortega would fit that description too. Jenna looks great in this pleated suit and blazer set.