Prince Andrew is being sued by Virginia Roberts Giuffre for sexual abuse. Virginia is one of the many women who were victims of Andrew’s friend, the dead rapist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s billionaire sex trafficking operation. On Friday his American legal team filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit claiming that Virginia signed a settlement with Epstein back in 2009 agreement which included a “general release” of future claims against him and other people. The “other people” in question include Andrew. So, you know, that’s excellent company to be in, don’t you think? Despite the fact that he has insisted that he did not participate in any of Jeffrey Epstein’s f-cksh-t, Prince Andrew’s name keeps coming up in investigations and documents related to Epstein’s crimes. 


Now he’s firing back at Virginia’s allegations… in the most familiar way. By victim-blaming. His lawyers are countering that Virginia is a gold-digger, describing her a “money-hungry sex kitten” and the “head bitch” of recruitment for Jeffrey Epstein, using details reported in a New York Daily News story from 2015. Lol, not Prince Andrew using an article from a tabloid to protest his innocence. 

Not surprisingly, because he’s disgusting, women’s groups are already dragging his ass. Because this is victim-blaming and shaming, a dirty trick as old as time. A dirty trick we’ve seen used, and sadly quite effectively, through history. 

Virginia’s lawyers have since responded.

“David Boies [a member of her legal team], slammed the Duke’s response for trying to bring in facts that were in dispute in the motion to dismiss, instead of at trial where they can be actually proven or disproven. “Andrew’s bid to dismiss the lawsuit fails to confront the serious allegations,” Boies wrote.”


But that’s the thing – Andrew is obviously desperate to avoid trial. Virginia’s people are like, OK, fine, if you’re innocent, come to court and we can fight it out there. This motion is about not going to trial at all… because, well, then there’s all kinds of sh-t that will be discussed in open court about the second son of the Queen of England. So they’re hoping that smearing Virginia in this way and using Andrew’s royal status (he’s a prince – everyone wants a go at him!) will protect him from actually having to answer any questions. 

Because that’s what Andrew has been running from: having to answer questions, not only from Virginia’s lawyers but from US investigators who’ve been working on the Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell case. Remember, while Andrew is out here citing tabloid stories as evidence in his favour, US investigators apparently consider Andrew a “person of interest” in the Epstein case and they’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to talk to him. As we all know, Andrew has so far not cooperated with American authorities, even though he claimed he would be willing to assist. So it’s not just what Virginia has to say about him. Federal prosecutors in New York seem to think he has information too. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s guilty but let’s not pretend that this is just about Virginia. There’s at least one other victim who’s connected Andrew with Epstein’s sex trafficking operation, and that’s why investigators want to bring him in for an interview. Are all of those people gold-diggers and sex kittens too? 


A hearing in Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit against Prince Andrew is happening on Wednesday. So expect more headlines then involving the Queen’s second son being sued for sexual abuse in connection to his association with a convicted sex offender. Like, even if he manages to escape this trial, there is no path for Andrew to go back to what was, even though that’s what the goal is. He thinks he can discredit Virginia and that’ll secure his return to the Buckingham Palace balcony again to wave at the commoners below him during the Jubilee? It’s not going to happen.