After finalising jury selection yesterday, testimony began in Denver in the civil trial between Taylor Swift and former DJ David Mueller. He insists that she made a “reckless accusation” that cost him his career and reputation. He denies touching her inappropriately and claims that during their photo opp, the most that happened was that he may have simply grazed her rib or touched her arm. He also counters that her bodyguards treated him disrespectfully and that because she and her team were so aggressive, he’s lost income and opportunity.

Taylor’s side meanwhile is arguing that he’s the opportunist, using this situation to profit off of Taylor’s wealth and influence. They’ve pointed out that Taylor has and had no motive to bring him down, that she’s been in thousands of meet and greet situations and not once before or since has this happened. According to Taylor’s lawyer, David Mueller keeps changing his story and had an ax to grind because he felt like Taylor wasn’t very nice to him when they met – per CNN:

(Swift’s attorney) Baldridge also referenced Mueller's description of Swift in a court deposition as cold and standoffish when they met. Hearing that, Swift sat up in courtroom. She looked disgusted. The pop star scribbled a note on a yellow Post-it and passed it to one of her attorneys.

Mueller said he drew that conclusion because Swift didn't welcome him into the photograph and paid more attention to his girlfriend.

"She didn't acknowledge me when it was time to pose for the photograph," Mueller testified.

Baldridge asked Mueller if he felt invisible at that moment.

"She forgot me," Mueller said.

David Mueller will continue testifying today. Taylor is also expected to testify at some point during the trial.

As for the fans who’ve been attending every day, hoping to see her, so far court officials have been ushering her into the courthouse directly to avoid the media. And no photos have been allowed inside the courtroom. Which is why the only way to see her if you’re not present inside the courtroom is through courtroom sketches. I cracked up yesterday when these were released. First because that’s what we have to resort to now that Taylor’s gone underground – from daily runway walks outside her NY apartment to courtroom sketches – and then because even though the sketches aren’t as crazy as Tom Brady’s, I’m not sure she’s all that recognisable. Or maybe she is. I know that ponytail so well.