Do I genuinely like Gemma Chan’s pink corset dress or am I just tired? (Go Fug Yourself)


Thanks to forums like Reddit’s “Am I The Asshole” and online agony aunts like Ask A Manager, the internet is full of people telling horrifying stories of red flags ignored, warning signs blown past, and social contracts broken. Finally, here is an internet story about someone seeing the warning sign, and taking the next exit. A woman’s boyfriend had a screaming, violent reaction to Tubi’s clever Super Bowl ad—which made it look like you accidentally switched to Tubi’s streaming app to browse their offerings, which are great, by the way, Tubi is the bargain bin of streaming and that is a compliment—and she bailed on him. Good for her! More people, especially women because of social conditioning to never cause a scene or be “difficult”, should listen to their instincts when they’re whispering that his anger isn’t proportional. Her parents, however, need a refresher on ways in which their daughter does not deserve to be treated. (DListed)

Olivia Colman and Paul Rudd are two widely beloved stars, and, it turns out, long time friends. Can they get any cuter? Yes, they can. (Popsugar)


Kate Hudson has thoughts on cancel culture and nepotism. They’re pretty solid thoughts. I still most appreciate the nepo babies who just acknowledge that yes, having connected/famous parents makes it easier to succeed in the industry—shout out Allison Williams—but Kate gets kind of close to that. And she’s right, at the end of the day, talent will come out. Like I find myself thinking about Scott Eastwood a lot in the nepo baby debate. Based on his name, and how much he looks like his dad, you’d think he’d be way farther down the track than he is, but he has a middling career, AT BEST, because he is, generously, a middling talent. (Celebitchy)

Nicole Kidman is a very wiggy actor. Many of her roles are performed under head toppings of varying quality and refinement. She has this in common with Moira Rose. Here, now, is a definitive ranking of Nicole Kidman’s wigs. Really makes me miss the days of her red corkscrew curls. Bring back the curls, Nic! Or can she not? Curly girls, tell me, can you kill curls? Is this what happened to Nicole Kidman’s righteous Nineties mane? (Vulture)