For weeks and weeks we’ve been hoping for it. For Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez to show up at Venice premiere of The Last Duel and the Met Gala – and they delivered on both counts. How did we get so lucky? Do we deserve this? I’m not sure we do. And since I’m so superstitious, now I’m wondering what the cost of getting so much of what we want will be. We can worry about that later. Let’s focus on savouring the endless bounty of gifts from Bennifer. They give of themselves, truly.  


This is Ben Affleck and the Met Gala. He has never been to the Met Gala until now. Up until six months ago, we wouldn’t have said that the Met Gala is Ben’s thing. And now, here he is, AT THE MET GALA. Remember, we have an expression for this: it’s called The JLo Effect.  

The JLo Effect in 2021 has made it so that Ben Affleck joined JLo at the Met Gala and didn’t have to be dragged there. Ben did not walk the carpet and met up with JLo after she worked the carpet, and they kept their masks on, but even with his mask on you can see, clearly, that he’s not reluctant. There is no reluctance in the way he’s posing with her, and the way they’re kissing, through their masks, and laughing. This dude is having a good time!  

(And he could have been back at the hotel watching the Blue Jays beat Tampa Bay, and the Red Sox lose to the Mariners. GO JAYS!)


But no, he chose to go to the Met Gala, just days after they premiered themselves in Venice. I guess that was the Bennifer 2021 European premiere? And the Met Gala is the Bennifer North American premiere? LOL, because it’s funny, and it’s fun, they’re making it funny and fun. Both of them leaning into their pop culture domination right now.  

As for her outfit? Western In America, custom Ralph Lauren, of course, and she looks great, of course. Maria made me laugh when she described this as “Jackson Maine”, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. See? Bennifer is a constant endorphin boost right now.  

But I will say this: as fantastic as she looks here, she has looked fantastic, she has been serving mega looks, for two weeks straight now, from Dolce & Gabbana to Venice to the MTV MVAs, and now the Met Gala. When it’s this much at that level, without breaks and dips in between, it can all start to blend in.  


What I’m saying is that the next time we see them, I want it to be in pyjamas.