Another weekend has passed and where Bennifer is concerned, it’s another weekend of maintaining the status quo, the status quo being that there’s all kinds of rumouring that their marriage will end imminently but no confirmation of it just yet. 


On Friday both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were seen arriving, though separately, at her office. Ben was also photographed at her place, the property they’re currently trying to sell, where he stayed for a couple of hours before leaving. She visited him at his rental home the next day, Saturday. Yesterday, Sunday, was Father’s Day and he spent it with his kids and Jennifer Garner. JLo meanwhile wished him Happy Father’s Day on Instagram, calling him “our hero” and using a shot of him from Pearl Harbour


…which was meant to complement a similar shot of her dad: 

Jennifer Lopez's Instagram story

Always and forever a corny queen. 


So… what does this mean and does it change anything? Not really. It means that there continues to be love and respect between them, which we have seen, even though they’re going through it. It means they’re trying – and trying doesn’t have to be an attempt to fix anything, if it’s fixable, but trying to protect what’s worth saving, whether it’s friendship and family, or more, if that’s possible. 

Less than a month out from their wedding anniversary now. What will be the status of Bennifer on July 16?