Dear Gossips,

Yesterday I wrote about the Spanish royal family drama that went down on Easter Sunday, mentioning at the end that we need to deep dive into their history. And then your emails came in, holy sh-t, it’s classic royal sh-t, like Shakespearean styles. And not the Shakespeare that’s whimsical and funny and romantic. Maybe not quite Titus Andronicus but definitely Macbeth. And some King Lear too. 

Here’s my entry-level, extremely surface-level understanding of what we’re dealing with here: glossy magazines hold a lot of gossip power in Spain and the royals are best-sellers but there’s not much online analysis to balance the salaciousness of what the tabloids are putting out there. Which means it can get pretty f-cking dirty. There are all kinds of rumours ranging from standard infidelity, to financial corruption, to secret children and secret pregnancies and then escalating to political coups and … even fratricide? WTFFFFFF??? 

See? Shakespearean, I’m telling you. Whatever went down then between Queens Sofia and Letizia the other day comes out of decades (if not centuries, I mean I haven’t gotten that far yet) of scandalous speculation. Letizia is the first commoner to be Queen of Spain. She was divorced. She was a journalist. The old-timers were initially not amused. A few years ago, one of her rogue relatives spilled all kinds of tea about her in a book, alleging that she’d had an abortion two years before meeting King (then-Prince) Felipe. 

And this is just an introduction! It’s only Spanish Royals 101! It’s not even a deep dive!

Here’s Queen Letizia in Madrid today. 

Yours in gossip,