Doja Cat shaved her head and then shaved her eyebrows on Insta live. She looks amazing, but then, she has the face for it, with those cheekbones. (DListed)


Angelica Ross is the first openly trans actor to play Roxie Hart in Chicago. She will make her Broadway debut on September 12. That’s just six days after Lea Michele assumes the role of Fanny Brice in Funny Girl, completing the manifestation spell she began on Glee. I hope Ross’s debut doesn’t get buried under Michele’s inevitable press avalanche. (Popsugar)

Maria Bakalova went a place and wore a thing. She’s promoting Bodies Bodies Bodies, for the record. (Go Fug Yourself)

Ana de Armas left LA, in part, because of all the gossip around her relationship and breakup with Ben Affleck. I know it must have sucked to be at the center of that attention-tornado, but, le sigh. Those were the days. Those were the Dunkin-on-the-ground days. (Celebitchy)

A good recap is an art unto itself. A good recap can provide insight into a television show, either by episode or season, and the best recaps are insightful and entertaining unto themselves. The best recaps don’t even require you to watch the source object itself, because the recap IS the show. Case in point: Aussie Youtuber Mike’s Mic’s “unhinged” recap of Glee, broken into two, incredible parts. The organization! The hits and flops! The EDITS! Seriously, send this guy to the Met Gala for his skill as an editor alone.


I’ve been delighting in Mike’s channel all week—I am now watching recaps for Pretty Little Liars, a show I have never and will never watch or care about, and yet I AM ENTERTAINED AND ENLIGHTENED—and now you can, too. Seriously, there’s so many deliberately garbage Youtubers peddling anger for hits, and yet here is this appropriately unhinged Aussie giving us life and content in the best way possible, with total enthusiasm. Youtube doesn’t HAVE to be a sewer, we can choose to give our clicks to people like Mike. He is working so hard for the money. (Mike’s Mic Youtube Channel)