Dolly Parton’s husband, Carl Dean, is rarely seen in public. And she rarely posts photos of him. When she does, it’s always a story. She gave people something to be thankful for this American Thanksgiving. Carl Dean is a snack! (Dlisted) 


Have you heard about this trend on Instagram? The Urban Dictionary name trend? We played it the other day. And there are many entries for “Lainey” but one of the most popular ones said that a “Lainey” has “cool thumbs”. This made me laugh because…what is a “cool” thumb?! Also I’m going to lord this over Duana because we laugh about her thumbs all the time (she’s very proud of them!). She has Megan Fox thumbs. Brachydachtyly is what it’s called. Pronounced “bracky-dactee-lee”. Seriously, not making that up. (PopSugar) 

Um, from thumbs to toes…Aaron Rodgers’s toes. And we’re not talking about athlete’s foot here but COVID toes, and whether or not he has one. (Cele|bitchy) 


It’s plaid season. I mean I feel like plaid season is year round but plaid is particularly potent at this time of year. I wear plaid almost every day in December and for sure there will be a lot of plaid in my television wardrobe in the coming month. Amazingly I do not have a pair of plaid slip-on kicks. Check the ninth shot in the gallery here if you’re into those too. (Go Fug Yourself)

If you’re seeing House of Gucci this weekend, here is some real sh-t that Patrizia Reggiani said. (The Cut)