I mean, what’s there to complain about here? Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton, and Jane Fonda gave us everything: shock and awe, flopsy and droopy, dildos, a Trump takedown…and BANGS! Let’s get to the bangs in a minute because it turns out there were some people wondering whether or not it’s a thing that Lily and Jane were the ones subtweeting Trump while Dolly stayed silent. And wondering whether or not maybe she didn’t want to sh-t on him.

I didn’t see it that way.

She was the one who teed up the ball. That’s how it was all set up. She talked about the 9 To 5 reunion and that was Jane’s segue to go in. That was the way they planned it. These three broads, they’re not new. They’re also never unprepared. A moment like that works because they prepared it, because they did the work. Dolly’s role, then, was to put it all in play. And then, in her reaction when Lily and Jane were dropping the fire, I didn’t see any discomfort, or surprise - with a raised eyebrow and a cheeky knowing smile, Dolly, to me, was most definitely onside. It’s just that her role was, after tossing the easy pitch, to deftly bring the comedy back to the job at hand, which was to present an award. This is what you get from veterans like these – they can send a message and take a stand, but they will also always bring it back to the entertainment. It isn’t easy. But when it’s done well, it never looks hard.

That’s why all three of them, they’re legends.

Also, Jane Fonda is 79 years old. And showing Sofia Vergara how bangs are done. Which, to her credit, Sofia appreciated.


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Please don’t ask me to waste my photo count on pictures of Sofia’s dress. You’ve seen it before. Over and over again.