A reminder once again that we’re pulling a Met Gala all-nighter and our first posts should be up at around 1am ET tonight and steadily rolling out through the early morning. Send us your thoughts, tweet us, let us know what you think of all the looks!

Speaking of Camp… Dolly Parton is working on a lifestyle brand. “You might even see my mug on a mug!” I want that mug. My current everyday mug is a Celine Dion mug. I think my Celine mug needs a friend. Jovi at Dlisted wants to know if there will be wigs and acid washed jeans. These are great questions. I would buy both of those items. (Dlisted) 

Most people have assumed that the Game of Thrones coffee cup was from Starbucks. Which is totally fine by Starbucks. If that wasn’t a Starbucks cup though, well, the coffee shoppe where that cup came from is probably pretty pissed. What’s the strategy here for coffee cup authentication? (Jezebel)  

Today was known as the First Monday in May, also Met Gala Monday. It is now known as Baby Sussex’s birthday. Which also happens to be the same day as a famous friend of the Sussexes who lives close by. Joint party! (Just Jared) 

One of the Met Gala’s most consistent and reliable attendees, Sarah Jessica Parker, will not be attending this year. And the biggest loser is her usual Met Gala date, Andy Cohen. He trades on his Met Gala stories the whole year. He wouldn’t be invited if it wasn’t for her. You think he’s bitter? (Cele|bitchy) 

EXCELLENT title here by the Fug Girls. The Game of Therons! I wish I thought of that. It’s Charlize Theron on the cover of Marie Claire. By the way – that quote about Charlize being a great person to be friends with and a terrible person to cross? I believe it. That’s why I believed it last week when she said that she has no beef with Angelina Jolie and thinks she’s warm and kind. Because why would Charlize need to lie? (Go Fug Yourself) 

No matter what you think of any one episode of Game of Thrones, Twitter always shows up on Sunday nights during and after the show, whether or not the episode is good. Here’s a collection of last night’s best tweets. (Buzzfeed)